Speed limit scrap revving up

24 September 2013

A scrap has broken out between the Petone Community Board and councillors over the speed limit on Seaview Rd.

The board believes there is no need to reduce the 70kmph limit to 50kmph.
Its view is based on submissions from locals and a belief that council traffic engineer Bryan Sparey told them the road is safe, and reducing the limit could not be justified.

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New tenants move in as trucking depot rejigged

24 September 2013
Lower Hutt property development company Balanced Investments has bought the former Mainfreight depot in Seaview and has already secured two major tenants.

Director Mike McCombie said the property, which had a 2010 rating value of $8.7 million, was being purchased for $5m with settlement scheduled for the end of the month. (more…)

Basil Jones Metal Spinners

19 August 2013

You might not have heard of Wellington bloke Basil Jones, but he probably made something in your house.

It could be in the hot water cupboard or the pantry, and it’s almost certain the last time you ordered a pizza it was cooked on one of the trays he designed.

Basil Jones

EXPORT ORDER: Basil Jones with part of a large Australian export order of pizza base tins.

Jones has been spinning metal for more than 50 years. He just got his first large export order, more than 12 times the size of his last “large” order.

His Seaview company, Basil Jones Metal Spinners, supplies pizza base baking dishes to most of the major franchise pizza companies in New Zealand.

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