Current Issues Update

August 2016




Hutt City Council is seeking feedback on the proposed Control of Alcohol in Public Places Bylaw by Friday 28 October 2016.

The Bylaw proposes some public places are designated alcohol free zones and a ban on the consumption of alcohol in any particular area between 9pm and 5am.

Evidence of incidents related to public drinking and possession of alcohol is essential for a robust bylaw. Without sufficient evidence an alcohol free zone cannot be put in place. Police and Council have been working together to gather the evidence required to develop the proposed Bylaw.

Council is now keen to gather evidence from residents during the consultation phase to support or otherwise the alcohol free zones proposed.

The key legal test Council needs to apply to any evidence it receives is – does it demonstrate a high level of crime or disorder caused or made worse by alcohol consumption in the area concerned?  So to have good evidence please provide Council with the details of alcohol related incidents, such as a description of the incident itself and the time, date and location in your submission.  An incident can range from discovering discarded alcohol bottles in a public park, or witnessing an alcohol-related event in a public place.

Information on making a submission is now available on Council’s website: and includes the following:

 You are encouraged to consider the information outlined above and lodge a submission.  If you know anyone else who would be interested in lodging a submission please pass this information onto them.


September 2015


We are seeking feedback from the businesses in the area on what they see as priority issues that we need to focus on for the next twelve months.

Please complete the survey and email to

Seaview Gracefield business survey 2015


August 2014


The Seaveiw Working Group have submitted a report on the erosion of the Hutt River edge along Port Road to Greater Wellington Regional Council. The Group would like to see a formalised plan to protect the berm from further erosion.  The tree roots are being compromised, there is a health and safety risk due to the high pressure gas mains under the footpath and rusty metal rods sticking out of the fill that has been dumped on the edge. This area is now part of the cycle way so is heavily used by the public but is an eyesore.


By the local Community Constable


1.Secure the perimeters of your premises with adequate fencing and locks.

2.Secure your buildings with adequate locks, lighting and security alarms/cameras, preferably monitored and activate each day.

3.Try to keep property secured inside the premises and not directly in line of sight of entrance ways to avoid hit and run type burglaries.

4. If property is to be stored externally, ensure that it is wherever possible in well-lit areas in clear view of external guardians.

5. Ensure that staff are made aware of their security obligations before leaving the building, set alarms, close windows etc.

6. It is recommended to review the security of your premise by walking around it noting any deficiencies that need rectifying on a regular basis.

7. Police/security companies/community patrollers etc. are another important tool but they too need to be informed if something isn’t right.

8. All local business owners and workers should be looking out for one another and keeping everyone informed as to any suspicious behaviour/person in the area.


The Petone Community Board has voted in favour of reducing the speed limit on Seaview Road to 50km/hr.  This decision will now  goes to the City Development Committee on 17 June for approval.  See the article below in the Hutt News for more details.

Board does speed U-turn on busy road – Hutt News May 20th 2014.

Seaview Road

Safety ruled over convenience in the Petone Community Board’s decision to back reducing the speed limit on Seaview Rd to 50kmh.

At their meeting last Tuesday the board moved to support Hutt City Council’s plan to impose a 50kmh speed limit on Seaview Rd from 85 metres south of Gough St to 100m south of Gracefield Rd.

The council had asked the new board elected in October to take a fresh look at the issue after the previous board recommended retaining the current 70kmh limit last August.

The Petone representatives have heard submissions in support of the change from the public, businesses, police and Hutt City Council senior traffic engineer Brian Sparey, and changed their stance. But last week’s decision was divided, with four members voting in favour, three against and Mike Henderson abstaining because of a conflict of interest in the Seaview business community.

Sparey answered questions about a council commissioned speed limit survey of Seaview Rd users by Jackett Consulting, which highlighted several recent crashes on the stretch of road leading to Eastbourne.

Opposition came from members of the public who said it would slow down their daily commute and would not change the behaviour of bad drivers, with some saying drivers who speed with the 70kmh limit would still speed if it’s 50 kmh.

Heather Cotter said she drove along Seaview Rd every day to take her children to school.

Cotter said she had never experienced any near misses and that a bigger safety issue was drivers’ poor decision- making at intersections.

“It’s a common-sense issue,” she said.

Senior Sergeant Bradley Allen, the officer in charge of Petone, Eastbourne and Wainuiomata, said the police supported the lower limit, but anticipated drivers would break it, at least initially.

“People [would be] unsure of the speed limit, so we would probably go down and enforce it.”

Steve Flanagan, from Chevron New Zealand on Seaview Rd, said the board had made the right decision and that it was incredibly difficult for his truck drivers to merge into traffic on Seaview Rd when vehicles were travelling at 70 kmh.

Petone Community Board chairman Mike Fisher said after being in favour of keeping the 70 kmh limit last year, hearing from businesses and heavy road users who see dangerous incidents had changed his mind.

“I would hate to be part of a group that said ‘oh well let’s just keep it as it is’ and then something happens.”

City councillor and board member Tui Lewis, who voted against lowering the speed limit, questioned Sparey about alternatives such as widening the road by removing the median strips, removing parking, or a 60kmh limit.

But Sparey said the road changes could cost millions and would be “very long term”, whereas a 50 kmh speed limit could be implemented sooner if “all the boxes were ticked”.

The Petone board’s recommendation would now be considered at the City Development Committee at its meeting on June 17.



The Petone Community Board are considering a public meeting for Petone and Eastbourne stakeholders to discuss the speed limit for Seaview Road. Details of this are yet to be confirmed.  The final decision on the Speed limit will be made at the 12th May Petone Community Board meeting.  If you would like to make a comment please contact Claire.



The Petone Community Board members were set to make a decision on whether to reduce Seaview Road’s speed limit at their 10th February meeting.  But after more intense debate from opposing parties, board member’s are no closer to making up their minds – putting off making a recommendation util May 2014.  The current board has a number of new members that weren’t present when the submissions were originally heard so it was agreed that all submissions should be re- heard on this issue.  The Seaview Working Group will be making contact with local businesses again about our submissions.  If you would like to make a comment please contact Claire.

Security Alert – 3rd September 2013

Please note that a car load of young men have been in the area of Seaview/Gracefield saying they are looking for work but appear to be checking out factories and behaving suspiciously.

If anyone comes to your business like that please phone 111 immediately so the police can apprehend them while they are in the area, a car license plate number is also helpful.

If you would like to update Community Constable Dave Tweedale on suspicious activity you can do so by e-mailing him.

Speed Limit Review of Seaview Road – 3rd September 2013

Currently the review of the Speed Limit on Seaview Road has been to the Petone Community Board and the Eastbourne Community Board both of which recommended that the Status Quo be kept for the speed limit.

Then it was discussed at the Community & Infrastructure Services Committee Meeting on the 2nd September 2013 who voted five to two that the Petone Community Board reconsider their recommendation. As re-election for Community Boards is coming up this process will be continued once the new community board has been sworn in, so could potentially be early 2014 before it is tabled again.

If you would like to attend the Petone Community Board meeting in 2014 please contact Claire Allan

Proposed 50k speed limit

Community Response Plan

Wellington Regional Emergency ManagementAt the last SWG meeting we had Jodye Tomalin from the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office present to us about the Community Response Plan.

SWG would like to consider putting together a Community Response Plan for Seaview/Gracefield.  So far a plan has been achieved in Eastbourne and there is one being worked on for Kapiti and Petone.

To achieve this we would need 15  people to attend 5 to 6 meetings to work through the issues around such a plan.  One idea is that we have a business representative from each street in the group.

A Community Response Plan identifies risks, dangers & hazards to the Community and what resources are available and not available in the community after an Emergency.

Businesses still need to have their own plans in place as well.

If you are interested in being involved in this would you please make contact with Claire.