Ruth Purnell

“As Company Manager of Teacher Direct I joined the Seaview Working Group in 2010 and we were involved in the first Spotlight on Seaview Event. Being involved in this event made me realise the great potential of the area and the fact that people in the Hutt Valley area were not really aware of the exciting things that were happening in Seaview. Raising the awareness of the economic benefit and potential growth of this area for the Hutt Valley is also important.

I saw being part of the SWG group as a great way of being more involved and to look at ways the businesses in the area could work together to build up a stronger working relationship and vibrant business community.

Being part of the group I could see that we could improve the area for our businesses and for our staff and also attract new businesses into Seaview.

SWG is able to act as an advocate for working with the council to make suggestions for the future development of the area.

I saw the ability of the businesses in the area to share ideas and services and training events.

The development of the Seaview Business Website will assist greatly in communicating, educating and promoting this great business area.

I have also met some amazing successful business owners and staff who are committed to the success of their companies in the Seaview Area and who are contributing so much back to the economic success of the Hutt Valley.”