Frustration with boy-racers spur Seaview firms to call for car ban

The Dominion Post, May 20th 2016,  

Skid marks streaked across Hutt Park Rd outside Label and Litho in Gracefield.

Skid marks streaked across Hutt Park Rd outside Label and Litho in Gracefield.

Businesses sick of boy-racers want a ban on alcohol and cars covering as much of Seaview and Gracefield as possible.

The Seaview Working Group is urging the Hutt City Council to consider bringing in by-laws that would ban alcohol and non-commercial vehicles from the area “so that only people that need to be in the area for work can be there”.

The industrial area near Petone in Lower Hutt often attracts car enthusiasts looking for quiet streets at night.

Hutt Park Rd, right outside group chairman Angus Kincaid’s business, looks like it has been scribbled over with burnt rubber.

In a move that would give police more muscle to deal with the problem, the group made a submission to the council’s annual plan committee earlier this month.

“When these large gatherings happen in Seaview, they leave behind large amounts of shredded rubber on the streets, general rubbish, glass bottles, burn-out marks, graffiti, urine, and vomit,” the group’s submission said.

“Of particular concern, is a small number of businesses that run shifts in the affected areas and the staff safety at the end of these shifts.”

Kincaid was assaulted outside his work early one Saturday in 2013.

He had gone to talk to a group of boy racers about vandalism when he was attacked and was knocked out for 20 seconds.

The road was smeared with burnout marks, and a homemade start line was painted on the road.

A statement from the group said it was too early to provide further comment while they were still in discussion with council staff and police.

Acting Hutt Valley area prevention manager inspector Tracey Thompson issued a brief response emphasising police are working with the council, businesses and residents “to disrupt this behaviour in Seaview”.

“This is an issue that we all need to address… Strategies that contribute to alcohol harm prevention and Illegal street racing remain a priority.”

Legislation that came into effect in 2009 including the Sentencing (Vehicle Confiscation) Amendment Act allows for the destruction of cars whose owners had committed a third offence.

Seaview’s Macaulay Metals site was where the first boy-racer car was crushed in 2012.